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Thank you for purchasing the 2021 version of the software.

Note: I apologize but because of the enhanced security that has been added to Windows 10 there will be extra steps for installation from the web. The download is secure and has a certificate applied but since we are a small business, we cannot bypass the new Smartscreen filter in Windows.

  • Option 1: Follow the instructions below. LAG2021SU.msi
  • Option 2: Save to your computer, unzip and run the setup.exe inside.

Download the option 1 instructions here

  1. Using Microsoft Edge browser click the download link.
  2. You will get a warning at the bottom of the browser.
  3. Click on the ellipse, ... on the right side of the download indicator.
  4. A box will popup and choose "Keep" Warning
  5. The next popup will look like this: Warning
  6. Choose "Show more" and once again choose "Keep".
  7. This will finish the download. Warning
  8. Once downloaded click the file and you will get a Windows Defender screen warning againWarning
  9. Click "More Info" and it will display teh app name and publisher and enable the Run button. Warning
  10. Click "Run anyway" to get the install running, then just choose Next, Next, Next, Close.